How Can Your Home Sale Move Quicker?

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Today we are going to talk about selling your home. More specifically, we are going to be discussing 3 great ways you can decrease the amount of time your home is on the market, while increasing the sale price.

It's easy for our personalities to get in the way when you are trying to sell a home. Having your own unique style can make getting your home ready for sale a bit of an undertaking. Today, we're going to share 3 great tips on how to get your home sold, so it doesn't have to sit on the market.

Depersonalizing your home
 First off, if you have any family photos, heirlooms, or other items, remove those and pack them into a box. If you are really committed to selling, you are going to have to pack anyways, so you might as well get a head start. If you have any walls painted with unique art pieces or loud, bright colors, we want to try and neutralize that. Painting over them with a lighter, more neutral color will appeal to the widest number of buyers. You want to try to help the buyers imagine themselves in your home.

One important part of your home to prepare for sale is your closets. We recommend you minimize your closet space by about 50-60% to make it seem larger, which is what buyers want. Put your clothes away in boxes or a storage locker while your home is on the market. Think of your home as a product that you need to sell now.

Home Staging
 If you go into any of the new construction communities in Austin, you can see that home builders spend a fortune getting these homes staged with all the best furniture and decorations. We don't expect our clients to go into garden ridge and copy their homes, but it will give you an idea of what a professionally staged home looks like. In addition to this, we provide a professional stager to do a staging consultation with you so you can make sure your home will show in its best condition.

If you have any questions, be sure to give us a call. We can't wait to hear from you!