Can You Sell Your Austin Home "As Is?"

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Hey everyone, I recently got an email from a seller who wanted to know if he could sell his home "as is," and if there were any legal problems associated with doing so.

First off, you can absolutely sell your home as is. If you're interested in selling "as is" because there are repairs or things you don't want to deal with, that's fine. We deal with properties all the time that are either distressed or have so many big repairs that people don't want to deal with. However, one thing to keep in mind is that in the state of Texas, you have to fill out a seller's disclosure notice, detailing all known defects with the property. Everything from a damaged roof to foundation repair needs to go on the disclosure notice.

There are only 3 reasons why you might be exempt from filling out your seller's disclosure. Those are:

1. If you are a home builder
2. If you inherited a property and are selling
3. If you are a bank or lender trying to sell a home

I hope that sheds a little light on what selling your home "as is" is like. If you have any further questions for us, don't hesitate to reach out. We would love to hear from you!