The Hottest Austin Market in Decades

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The real estate market in Austin is among the hottest in the entire country right now. We’re seeing activity in the market building, and we see this every year after spring break. To add to this, job growth is high, unemployment is low, and home prices have never been this high.

The market is phenomenal right now, but what might happen down the road to slow this growth? We want to pay attention to interest rates. They’re still historically low, but they’re bound to rise. This will negatively affect our buyers, and demand will fall, which means that home prices will also fall. Although everything is terrific right now, we want you to know that this kind of market doesn’t stick around for long.

In fact, affordability in some parts of the city has already become an issue. The average family in Austin makes just over $60,000 per year, and the average home in Austin costs $270,000. This has pushed a lot of people into the suburbs, and this could put downward pressure on home prices.

The bottom line is that right now is a great time to sell. I think we’re at the peak of the market, and you should not hesitate to put your home on the market. We can consult with you for free to figure out if this is really something that you should consider seriously.

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